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AC-Powered AccuraCounter. Fast Response Standalone Sensor. Walk to the counter to read the display and reset to zero. $329 plus shipping.

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Battery Operated Micro TotalCounterSF. Small size for easy installation on door frames. $379 plus shipping. Other battery operated models available.

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Walk hourly data back to your PC using a standard flash drive with the TotalCounterUSB. Only $699 plus shipping. Other wired and wireless PC-connected counters are available.


How Many People Visited You Today?

Organizations across the nation use people counters in many ways to better understand how people are using their facilities.  Entrance Door Counters can help you understand which doors are the busiest and how many people are using specific doors.  Traffic counters can help you better understand the busiest times (and rooms) in your building. Patron counters can help you prove that library USAGE has increased, even if circulation is down. People counters will help you better serve your visitors … and improve the efficiency of your staff and facilities.

We believe the best people counters are those that are simple to buy, simple to install, simple to maintain, relatively accurate, reliable, and cost effective.

Why Should You Use A People Counter?

  • People counters allow you to provide accurate visitor counts and help justify funding measures.
  • People counters enable you to measure which entrances and areas are most active.  Are patrons coming to the Children’s Library?  Are they using the Computer Room, the Reference Room, Coffee Shop, Rest Rooms…
  • People counters will help you decide which doors are the busiest and help guide the placement of advertisements, refreshment centers and informational kiosks.
  • People counters will help you determine if you need to modify the hours and days of operation.
  • People counters will help you ‘right’ staff to best serve your visitors, while keeping operating costs in control.

What People Counting Solutions Are Available?

We Count People offers a wide range of people counters.   These include:

  • StandAlone Totalizing People Counters where someone walks to the counter to read the total count from the display.
  • StandAlone Memory Counters where someone walks to the counter to read the Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly door counts at the display.
  • People counters that wirelessly transmit their door counts back to a network receiver to show Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly traffic counts.
  • Wired people counters that provide Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly counts at your PC.

What Are Customers Saying

  • The Nevada County Library has used WeCountPeople.com’s patron traffic workbook for the past five years. We only utilize the traffic count as our revenue statistics are not kept at the detailed level of the spreadsheet.

    Our library staff members keep track of our daily count at the end of the day as part of our closing activities. The patron counter keeps a continual count for the occasional times the count is not retrieved so we never lose the count.

    The worksheet has been a huge help keeping track of our patron count which we use to supply to the California State Library Survey annually. It’s really easy to use and enter the day end counts to see where we are.

    The note section is a great resource for reference notes and being able to change the multiplier to record accurate traffic is fantastic.

    It’s also nice to look back on the past five years to our progress. We have a bond initiative coming up in 2018 and this information will be extremely helpful to have.

    –Debie Ogden, Nevada County Library

  • We use the people counter to monitor number of patrons entering our library via the front door. The more patrons, the more money we will receive in our budget. I like the people counter very much so far, but I wish the monitor screen was a little bigger, maybe twice the size. So it can be viewed easier, without glasses.–Alan Stetz, Henry Ford College

  • I manage a ceramics gallery in NYC and currently use a people counter device to track the number of visitors to each individual exhibition. This data is mainly used for grant purposes. The device we use is great because it is fairly low profile and blends in with the other hardware without taking away from the work on display. We currently have it installed within the path of entry to the gallery. –Brad Parsons, Jane Hartsook Gallery


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